Strap&Wrap for Binoculars Roof/Prism

Intended for hikers, bird watchers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, this revolutionary carrier lets users easily carry binoculars around their neck, with the added benefit of position adjustment to suit the user’s convenience. After using the binoculars, simply re-zip and wrap the strap around them. Within 2 seconds it becomes a protective padded carrier which can be dropped into a backpack. Designed for ROOF and PRISM type binoculars of up to 10x42. miggo Strap&Wrap is made of light, high quality, impact-resistant Neoprene and pleasant Lycra fabric that allows carrying binoculars all day without tiring your neck. The Lycra is noise-less to ensure viewing animals without fear of revelation. A pair of designated pockets protect the binoculars from sharp objects when around your neck, during movement. When in wrapped mode, miggo Strap&Wrap protects the binoculars from scratches and impact inside your backpack - even if it is full of other equipment. miggo Strap&Wrap comes in two colors: black with touches of blue, and camo design. You can choose to extend the warranty from 2 to 5 years by simple registration at