Splat Flexible Tripod Pro 80 for DSLR /Action cameras


Extremely strong and flexible legs

The three legs of splat pro are designed as a strong, flexible metal frame coated with soft silicone that contributes to a comfortable grip in any weather. The legs are designed to provide stable support even for large cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III (or similar) with long lenses. The embedded texture on each leg provides extra grip even in extreme situations. A hole for a screw at the end of the center leg is designed to allow connection of GoPro (or any other action camera) for any type of action pole photography. The detachable Velcro strap helps to link the three legs to each other when the tripod isn't in use, and the wrist strap will ensure the tripod and camera never slip from your hand even in the middle of really wild maneuvers.

Smart Ball Hub for a wide range of shooting angles

One of the most interesting elements of the splat pro is the ball hub which allows connection of a camera using a standard 1/4 "-20 screw. Opening the locking lever at the top of the ball hub lets each leg move in different angles, and locked at any desired angle. This feature, for example, is excellent in extreme field conditions, or when used as an action pole, where you can fold the pole to any desired angle and achieve unique angles that are not possible with a regular action pole. Splat pro gives you an endless variety of options: for stills, video, action cameras, lighting, and more. Thanks to the smart and super-versatile design, splat pro gives the photographer - no matter what level - a variety of options for use:
  1. A stable and flexible tripod: supports even large DSLRs with long lenses, on almost any surface.
  2. Action Pole: for action photography using GoPro/compact action cameras, in a variety of angles and situations.
  3. Video Rig - Three grip modes give videographers a steady hold for their VDSLRs.
  4. Lighting - connect splat pro to a portable flash (or other light source) and you can place it wherever you need it, for optimal lighting.