Agua Strap Sling Connector for Agua Holster 25,35 and 45

The Agua Strap Sling Connector is a smart and useful add-on to miggo agua’s model 25, 35 and 45 quick-adjusting strap. The Agua Strap Sling Connector easily connects to both the camera’s tripod socket and to the strap and by doing so transforms the regular strap to a “sling” strap. This allows the photographer to carry a camera comfortably and choose between two carrying modes: "Sling" mode (across the torso) where the strap is connected to the underside of the camera, and "Classic" mode (around the neck or over the shoulder) where the strap is connected to the sides of the camera with quick-release buckles. The two carrying modes – sling and classic – enable the photographer to choose the required carrying mode that suits him/her, and to change between them without releasing the camera. Supplied with a safety cord. Note that it can only be attached to original agua strap.