Agua stormproof Pro Raincover 15 Pro DSLR

Introducing the world’s first rain cover that can be attached to sling straps! Meet the agua stormproof pro rain cover 15, by miggo - a professional rain cover for large DSLRs, which enables full operation of the camera even in extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow or dust. And if that's not enough, agua rain cover 15 offers an exclusive invention: a smart connection allows you to connect it to any camera strap with an underside screw connection (Sling) for easy carrying in any situation and quick draw so you never miss an important shot, even in the rain. Agua rain cover 15 is made of high quality Nylon with TPU coating, which is also IPX3 storm-proof. It offers protection for large DSLRs such as Canon 5D mark III (or similar) with 24-70 f/2.8 lens and up to 70-200 f/2.8 lens. Agua rain cover 15 will effectively protect smaller cameras too, with shorter lens. A flexible transparent window made of high-quality TPU that doesn't yellow over time, offers clear excellent viewing of the LCD screen, and external operation of most of the camera's functions. Exclusive to miggo's rain cover - connect any sling strap you like to your rain cover! Agua rain cover 15 has a special opening underneath that allows connection of any sling strap with underside screw connection, for example the miggo two-way speed strap, Blackrapid or similar without the risk of water penetration. This is a unique miggo design which does not exist on any rain cover in the market today. Shoot with a tripod - in any weather. The underside opening lets you connect your camera and rain cover to any tripod, thus opening up a whole new range of possibilities even in bad weather. Agua rain cover is designed a s sleeve with two openings: the wide back opening enables full operation of the camera even in the rain, by putting one or two hands inside without letting water in. It includes a flexible tightening cord with locking mechanism, for adjusting the diameter of the opening to the photographer's wrist. It can even be tightened using only one hand! Thanks to the flexibility of the fabric, you can operate the camera even when the cover is closed completely - without inserting a hand through the back opening - yet operation will be somewhat limited. The front lens opening includes an integral "visor" designed specifically to keep water drops from the lens. A flexible tightening cord with locking mechanism, lets you adjust the diameter of the opening to the camera's lens - for maximum sealing against water.